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"We strive to get you the best" is our motto at Varunapriya. When you choose us as your logistics partner you get the best. We offer our knowledge, experience, commitment and enthusiasm to serve your logistics needs best.

Best knowledge - We have been in the business for over thirty years. We have seen and actively participated in the changes that have been happening in the logistics operations in the country and abroad. For example, the evolution from break bulk carriers to container vessels has revolutionalized the industry. Clean, safe, secure and fast transportation has become so easy and efficient. Transit times have reduced considerably and shipping costs have been cut with better utilization of vessels and efficient port operations. Improved Information availability on the web through internet has enabled better decision making in logistics.

Best Experience - We pile up our experience and learning from years operations to offer the best logistics solutions for you. When you choose us for your logistics needs you choose the best experience.

Best Effort - Our committed and qualified staff will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your logistic needs are met. They will execute and monitor all the operations and ensure completion of the same in best time possible.

Best Value - In this scenario, knowledge can be put to better use for the benefit of our clients. For example, container inventory imbalances & demands at various ports differ vastly for different shipping lines. Hence the freight rate offers also vary widely between lines. Our down-to-earth knowledge on these help to get you the best value.